Perfect Fit Blinds

perfect fit blinds

Perfect Fit blinds are unique, as they come complete with a frame that simply slots into your windows and doors, no drilling, no screws, no fuss. The Perfect Fit Blinds are fixed to the frame using specially designed clips which allow for seriously easy placement of the blinds. The frame becomes an integral part of your window and helps prevents light from entering in down the sides of the blind, enhancing your privacy and also improving insulation.

Perfect Fit blinds do an excellent job of controlling heat in a conservatory during summer and in winter do help somewhat with improving insulation.  There are 3 types of  blinds available within the range, venetians, pleated and rollers and the frames are available in 3 different colours to match your windows, in White, Golden Oak, and Dark Brown.

Needless to say there are an extensive amount of colours and variations within the perfect fit ranges, so you can be assured there will be something to match your decor and taste.