Vertical Blinds

vertical blinds

If you are wanting a versatile and practical way of covering your windows, vertical blinds may be the stylish answer to solve your problems. The great advantage of vertical blinds over drapes for example, is that they offer greater control over how much light gets filtered into your room. Different rooms in a house or office often have different requirements with regard to the exact amount of illumination needed and therefore the superior control afforded by verticals ensures the user has precisely the right amount of sunlight that is needed in any given room.

Verticals are able to provide complete privacy when fully closed, or they can be angled to let in as much light as required. It is as simple as rotating the blades to the desired angle to adjust the light and shade in any given room. However, where full direct sunlight or an external view is required it is merely a matter of pulling the vertical blinds back completely to draw off the blinds in order to take advantage of a full view.

Vertical blinds look as good in a home environment as in a retail or office situation, and it is because of the superior range of colours and designs available that vertical blinds are such an attractive option for today’s savvy consumer.